The Arrowsmith Adult Program

The Arrowsmith Cognitive Adult Program at Gateway Christian Schools is a specifically designed cognitive brain-training program for adults who have experienced difficulty transitioning into college, University or the workforce because of a learning disability.

Often post high school individuals discover that the compensation techniques and accommodations used in high school do not transfer into employment or higher education arenas. This can prevent individuals from meeting expectations in the workplace, or achieving their personal goals for success.

The Gateway Cognitive Adult Arrowsmith Program targets specific cognitive areas underlying the disability. This neuroscience-based method has proven results, empowering individuals in their ability to understand and learn, improving their quality of life, and having more opportunities for success in the competitive world of employment or higher education.

There is no other program for adults with such comprehensive options. Prescribed brain exercises strengthen weak cognitive areas improving the capacity of the brain to learn. These exercises were developed by Arrowsmith School in Toronto which has used this program successfully since 1978.

Exercises focus on specific brain functions that are responsible for memory, reasoning, planning, organization, processing, visual-perception, visual-motor, listening, social perception, and speech language, targeting specific disabilities as described in the 19 Learning Dysfunctions. Students are typically prescribed a two to four year program, with a minimum commitment of 12 hours per week-over 5 class sessions. Fully-trained cognitive teachers inspire each student and create an environment of compassion, acceptance and encouragement.

The typical adult student:

  • Is of average or above average intelligence, yet has demonstrated difficulty in academic and/or social situations due to the combination of his/her cognitive weaknesses
  • Has a combination of the learning difficulties that are described in the 19 Learning Dysfunctions
  • Is 18 years or older
  • Does not suffer from emotional or behavioral disorders that would significantly affect his or her ability to participate in the Arrowsmith Program

Gateway Arrowsmith offers adults with learning disabilities the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives rather than settle for a lifetime of compensations and accommodations. Students attending the Arrowsmith Cognitive Program at Gateway become effective, confident and self-directed learners for life and are empowered to achieve their goals of academic and career success.

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