Arrowsmith Program and Part Time Programs

Arrowsmith Program

The Arrowsmith Program is founded on neuroscience research and over 30 years of experience demonstrating that it is possible for students to strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying their learning dysfunctions through a program of specific cognitive exercises.

The Arrowsmith Program identifies, intervenes and strengthens the weak cognitive capacities that affect learning. Students are able to capitalize on their increased learning capacities and after a three or four year program can function without special education assistance or program accommodations. Upon completion of the program some students may require one to two years to gain experience using their newly strengthened cognitive capacities and some students may need tutoring initially to bring academic skills to grade level given the limited amount of time within the program to address academic skill deficits.

If a student is unable to complete the three to four year program, they achieve benefit for every year they are in the program. The Arrowsmith Program is suitable for students across the broad spectrum of mild to severe learning problems.

Students with learning disabilities have traditionally been treated with programs designed to compensate for their difficulties - students who have difficulty with handwriting, for example, would be taught to use a keyboard or accommodated with more time to write exams.

The goal of the Arrowsmith Program, by contrast, is to help students strengthen the weak cognitive capacities underlying their learning dysfunctions. The Arrowsmith Program deals with the root causes of the learning disability rather than managing its symptoms.

The Arrowsmith Program is capacity based in that it changes the capacity of the individual to learn, rather than compensatory which tries to work around the problem. Strengthening these weaker capacities increases the overall functioning of these specific cognitive areas allowing them to be used effectively for learning.

The Arrowsmith Program has proven successful with students in elementary school through to post-secondary school and with adults. Elementary school students return to a full academic curriculum at their appropriate grade level following the completion of a three- or four-year program.

Our goal is for our students to become effective, confident and self-directed learners for life and to enable them to achieve their goals of academic and career success.

Courtesy of The Arrowsmith Program Website

Part Time Programs

ASP (After School Program)

The After School Program addresses one cognitive deficit per year. Based on the student's learning profile determined by the assessment, an individualized program will be designed to address one cognitive area. Each cognitive program has been designed to target a specific area of learning difficulty and each student's program is tailored for that student's particular needs. The student will engage in the one cognitive program for four hours per week. This program does not address the Motor Symbol Sequencing area.

MSS (Motor Symbol Sequencing)

The MSS program gives student the ability to learn and produce a written sequence of symbols: Improves handwriting, reduces careless errors in written work, develops fine motor skills, sequential motor memory and motor planning in writing, and increases the capacity for hand eye coordination, increases reading speed, and improves fluency in speech.

This program is offered bi-monthly for a one-hour initial training session and then ongoing monitoring sessions. The student engages in four hours of the MSS program at home per week and returns to have his/her progress monitored and for any necessary modifications to be made to the program.

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