Financial and In-Kind Donations

Gateway Christian Schools for the past four decades has enjoyed a healthy philanthropic partnership with our parents, alumni, and the generosity of wonderful community. For decades, financial gifts and in-kind donations have dramatically enhanced our ability to significantly improve our schools and programs.

Although we are blessed by giving throughout the year, our development efforts traditionally occur in a variety of ways. They are:

  • Year-end planned giving
  • Annual auction
  • Local, state & federal grants.

Gifts and planned giving takes shape in many forms at virtually all financial thresholds. For your convenience, we have included a brief overview of frequently asked questions designed to preliminarily answer any questions you may have. Please note that we encourage you to contact us for an enhanced overview of our giving programs and thresholds.

Working together, all financial and in-kind contributions will brighten the future of our children and ultimately God’s kingdom.  

Gift & Planned Giving FAQ’s

What is a planned gift?

  • A planned gift is one which is funded or promised now, but not received by Peppermint Ridge until after the death of the donor.

Why is planned giving a good idea?

  • It allows you to designate a gift to fund the mission of Gateway Christian Schools in the future
  • You’ll have the opportunity to plan now to receive the best gift and tax advantages
  • You can fulfil your personal desire to make a difference in the lives of others

What is the most common and easiest type of planned gift?

  • A bequest is a written statement which directs that a gift be made to Gateway Christian Schools upon the death of the person who established the will. There are many ways to make this request.
  • Percentage - Provides for a bequest of a certain percentage of your total estate: I give to Gateway Christian Schools, a Washington not-for-profit corporation, ______% of my total estate disposed of by this will (trust).
  • Residual- Assigns your residuary estate after other specific bequests, debts, taxes and expenses have been paid.
  • I give to Gateway Christian Schools, a Washington not-for-profit corporation, the residue of my estate (or_____% of the residue of my estate).
  • Specific- Provides for gifts of specific assets or a specific dollar amount.
  • I give to Gateway Christian Schools, a Washington not-for-profit corporation, the sum of $________ or (name asset).
  • Contingent- Names Gateway Christian Schools as an alternative beneficiary in the event that your primary beneficiary does not survive you:
  • If ____________ shall fail to survive me, then I give the same to Gateway Christian Schools, a Washington not-for-profit corporation.

Helpful information when drafting a Will and Trust

  • The legal names associated with Crosspoint Warriors, Gateway Eagles, North Kitsap Preschool and Gateway Learning Center is “Gateway Christian Schools”.
  • The address of the administrative office is 18901 8th Ave NE, Poulsbo, Washington 98370.
  • The Tax ID number is #91-0907960

There are many types of in-kind, individual, and planned gifts that produce an income during your lifetime. If you are interested in these options or others that are not mentioned, please contact us at for additional information.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Gateway Christian Schools.

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