Parental Testimonials

I am deeply grateful to the Gateway Christian Schools for their collective vision and gumption in taking on the Arrowsmith program. Arrowsmith has saved my son's life.
Colleen Byrum (6/2015)

While the cognitive work is clearly the core of the Arrowsmith program, two other key elements jump out. The first is the training in how to organize work and do that work with gusto rather than letting it pile up or just be processed in a lackluster manner. The second is all the loving support: both the encouragement and the recognition by teachers of all the little successes along the way.
Rob 11/2015

Now, in a new environment, away from the stigma of being in "special ed" and with kind supportive, enthusiastic educators, we are seeing his true potential.
The thoughts in his mind seemed clearer, and he could see that he could do it, and that he was smart. He began to carry himself different, he began to smile, we all began to smile.
We give so much thanks to Barbara Arrowsmith and all the instructors who believed that there was another way, that it could be done, and that everyone is worth a chance, if you just believe.
Linda Stanley 1/2016     

I would add that the Arrowsmith program has enabled our son to succeed in his present non Arrowsmith curriculum.
Gary Stanley 1/2016

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