Elementary Specialty Classrooms

Choices available for K-5 students in conjunction with the student's Arrowsmith exercises include:


Spanish instruction is provided for students in K-5th grades. Elementary students benefit from a personal Spanish speaking teacher and through the rich media series, "Espanol Para Ti."


Students have access to a PC computer lab. Elementary students learn needed keyboarding skills, Microsoft Windows, and MS Office software.


General Music is offered to all grade levels. Students are taught about composers, the elements of music, music appreciation, and participate in performance with voice and instrument. Band begins in 6th grade and continues through high school. Students have the opportunity to participate in a larger band experience through the ACSI Musicale.


Students explore creativity through the art program offered to all grade levels.

Physical Education (PE)

Students develop the skills of physical fitness and conditioning while learning sportsmanship and athletic skills.


Secondary Students

There is a selection of courses available for students in grades 6th-12th to choose from in addition to the Arrowsmith individualized program. Secondary students schedule eight periods each semester.

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